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Aug 28 breakout session about Equiano

Aug 28 breakout session about Equiano - them Also they...

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1) What type of primary source? Personal narrative 2) Who is the audience? The people of the New World and Europe TS: specifically writing to the British. What he is doing to using propaganda; wants people to see his side that slavery is bad. Uses more forceful language. 3) Is Equiano to be “trusted”? Yes; why shouldn’t he be? He is telling his story about his life experiences. It is biased by saying that slavery is bad. But that’s his opinion. 4) What fueled Europeans to purchase African slaves? Needed labor, cannot run away, association with color of skin, death rate dropped and slave labor got cheaper because the slave population started to reproduce and support
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Unformatted text preview: them. Also, they weren’t as susceptible to diseases as the Indians. 5) Why did Equiano react as he did to the Europeans? He was young. Couldn’t speak their language and wasn’t the same in race. His black captors were nice to him but the Europeans were not. 6) African Slaves vs. Slavery in America Being enslaved by some people and culture and were not looked at as the same “race” or breed of human . it was very raced based. African slaves worked more in the house and small family farms and in America, there were plantations....
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