FDNS--all notes for fourth exam

FDNS--all notes for fourth exam - Newspaper Assignment Read...

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Newspaper Assignment Read and interpret a newspaper article based on what you have learned this semester Can be done individually or in a group Due Nov 17 th , 2010 in class Three documents on eLC (numbers 3-5 in the assignments folder) o Research Paper—about taxing sodas o Assignment Sheet o Newspaper Article Online Food Environments Poor eating patterns and diet-related chronic conditions are prevalent in GA o A small amount of the Georgia population (25%) meets the recommendation for fruits and vegetables daily o 70% of the Georgia population is overweight/obese o The severity of obesity was much higher in school children and adolescents in Georgia than nationally o 10% of adult Georgians have been diagnosed with diabetes in 2006-2007 o Georgia continues to have a much higher stroke mortality than the national average, costing Georgians more than $533 million Eating Behavior Framework o Eating behavior can be affected by individual factors Individual factors (ie: specific dietary needs) Social environment (ie: who you eat with) Physical environment (ie: the food that is around) Macro-level environments (ie: sociocultural needs and public policy) Agriculture Policy, Food Systems, Environment, and Public Health o Government policies affect what crops are grown on American farmland 1930s-: to create price stability and ensure the long-term economic viability of farming 1970s: to maintain low prices and maximize production of certain commodity crops (e.g., corn, wheat, soy beans) o Food producers have provided low cost, convenient, high energy density, and appealing tasty foods o Americans are eating more food, most of which is unhealthy and having more health problems o Industrialized agriculture has posed a critical risk to agro-ecosystem health Food Supply Servings compared to 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans o For the most part Americans eat less than the dietary guidelines with the exception being total grains and sugars
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Change in Food Prices, 1985-2000: o The real cost of fruits and vegetables has increased, but the real cost of fats, oils, and sodas has been decreased o Therefore, the cheaper, “tastier” food is cheaper than the healthy food What are we eating? o Processed Food Many foods are highly-processed. Food that undergoes canning, freezing, or dehydrating techniques to extend shelf-life or shorten preparation time To make processed food tasty with a good mouthfeel, producers add extra fat, sweeteners, and flavors. o Increasing energy density Energy density is increasing in food supply and affects tastes, food intake, and short tern weight gain High energy dense/low nutrient dense foods contribute to at least 30% of Americans energy intake o Top ten foods consumed by 6-19 year olds Carbonated beverages Low-fat milk Fruit0drinks Whole milk Pizza, pasta Hamburgers French fries Sugars/sweets Cakes/cookies Non-citrus juices
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FDNS--all notes for fourth exam - Newspaper Assignment Read...

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