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FDNS2100 Syllabus - FDNS 2100 Human Nutrition and Food Lee...

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FDNS 2100 Lee Human Nutrition and Food Human Nutrition and Food FDNS 2100 Fall Semester, 2010 MWF 9:05am-9:55am 110 Dawson Hall Department of Foods and Nutrition, The University of Georgia Instructor: Dr. Jung Sun Lee, Ph.D., RD Department of Foods and Nutrition Office Hours: Mondays, 2:00 – 3:00 pm Office: 129 Barrow Hall or by appointment Telephone: (706) 542-6783 e-mail address: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Name Email Office Office Hours Kali Kuzniak [email protected] 128 Barrow Hall Wednesdays 10-11am or by appointment Course Description: This course is a general survey of nutrition topics including: the biochemical interaction of foods, nutrients, genetics and health; human eating behaviors; government and corporate regulation and influences on human eating behavior; ethical issues, including hunger and food security; the relationship between our food system and the environment; and domestic and international factors affecting the availability of a safe, nutritious food supply. Course Objectives: Through readings, class lectures, and the assignments, students will learn: 1. The basic constituents of food and their role in nutrition. 2. The complexity of the human body, nutrition, the eating environment, and food behavior. 3. Food labeling regulations and how they relate to health. 4. Nutrition and food choices in various life stages. 5. Current food security and food safety issues. 6. How to incorporate healthy food choices into their own lives. Textbook: Sizer, F and Whitney, E (2010). Nutrition Concepts and Controversies , 12 th Edition. Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, (848 pgs) (ISBN 0-5387-3494-9). ( www.wadsworth.com ). Late adds to this class will not be approved unless there is an exceptional circumstance. Course Assignment and Evaluation: Final grades are based on an accumulation of points from assignment, examinations, and extra credit: a) Diet Assessment Assignment 100 points b) Newspaper Analysis Assignment 100 points c) Four exams at 100 points each 400 points d) Final Exam 100 points e) Attendance and class activity (extra credit) 10 points The grading scale is listed below. To be fair to every student in the class, the grading scale is NON- NEGOTIABLE : Updated on 8/7/10 Page 1
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FDNS 2100 Lee Human Nutrition and Food Letter Grade Points accumulated A 651- 700 A- 630- 650 B+ 609- 629 B 581- 608 B- 560- 580 C+ 539- 559 C 511- 538 C- 490- 510 D 420- 489 F Below 420 a) Diet Assessment Assignment (100 points) – due October 22nd in Class
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FDNS2100 Syllabus - FDNS 2100 Human Nutrition and Food Lee...

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