1-15-2010 & 1-20-2010

1-15-2010 & 1-20-2010 - Anthropology notes 1/15/10...

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Anthropology notes 1) Ethnography a) Live with people for long time a.i) You have to work hard to gain the people’s trust. a.ii) Have to speak the language; language barrier is not easy a.iii) Environment isn’t easy to live in. Coming to a 3 rd world country into harsh conditions a.iv) Lonely without your friends. b) Depth over breadth c) Small sample sizes (small N) d) Difficult!!! e) Emic vs etic perspectives e.i) Emic is the person you are talking to’s perspective e.ii) Etic is the outsiders view aka the researcher’s view 2) Steps to conducting ethnographic research a) Research proposal b) Funding c) IRB c.i) Institutional review board c.ii) A big group of lawyers that look at your proposal and methods and make sure you don’t do bad things to the people you are conducting research on. c.iii) Makes sure you won’t get your country aka USA or Georgia in trouble lawsuit d) Permissions, visa e) Buy Stuff e.i) Anthropologist have to buy equipment such as tape recorders , language dictionaries,
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1-15-2010 & 1-20-2010 - Anthropology notes 1/15/10...

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