2-1-10 & 2-3-10

2-1-10 & 2-3-10 - Anthropology 1 Culture is...

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Anthropology 2-01-10 1) Culture is Integrated a) All aspects of a culture function as an integrated whole. b) A change in one part of a culture usually will affect other parts. c) A degree of harmony is necessary in any properly functioning culture, but complete harmoy is not required. 2) Describing a Culture Without Bias a) Anthropologists must: a.i) Examine people’s notion of the way their society ought to function. a.ii) Determine how people think they behave. a.iii) Compare these with how people actually do behave. 3) The Barrel Model of Culture a) Superstructure social structure infrastructure environment 4) Functions of Culture a) Provide for the production and distribution of goods and services necessary for life. b) Provide for biological continuity through the reproduction of its members. c) Enculturate new members so that they can become functioning adults. d) Maintain order among members, as well as between them and outsiders. e)
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2-1-10 & 2-3-10 - Anthropology 1 Culture is...

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