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Kinesiology--kristen's kins note

Kinesiology--kristen's kins note - Kinesiology The...

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Kinesiology 1/12/10 The southeast (as of 2006) has the most obese population Kinesiology: knowledge derived from o Experiencing physical activity o Scholarly study of physical activity, and o Professional practice centered in physical activity Figure 1.1 A discipline focused on human physical activity Physical activity knowledge derived from o Experiences (participate or observe) o Scholarship Centerpiece of kinesiology PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:::: Does NOT include o Human movements that are Involuntary Performed aimlessly and w/o specific purpose o Not all human movement is phys. Activity o But all phys. Activity is movement DOES INCLUDE o Phys. activity that is: Intentional Voluntary, and Directed toward achieving an identifiable goal Developing an understanding o Experiential knowledge o Theoretical knowledge o Professional practice knowledge Experiencing phys. Activity o Direct participation in phys. Activity is an important source of kinesiological knowledge o Observation of phys. Activity is also an important source of kinesiological knowledge Involves examining phys. Activity through research and logical, systematic analyses Organized within subdisciplines, which have developed into specialized areas of study Putting knowledge to work in physical activity careers Some knowledge gained through professional practice gets incorporated into university classes Although kinesiology usually focuses on the bodily aspects of physical activity, it is important to remember that human beings are holistic creatures with interrelated cognitions, emotions, bodies, and souls 1/19/10 The spheres of physical experience
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A general framework for thinking about the importance and pervasiveness of physical activity Highlight aspects of our lives in which physical activity plays an important Self sufficiency: o
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