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HW5 - a single bolt of diameter 7 mm The bracket is loaded...

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HOMEWORK PROBLEMS Week 5: Due Friday 14 October 1. Figure 1 shows an assembly for measuring the tensile strength of the wooden specimen AB . The specimen has thickness (perpendicular to the figure) of 10 mm and width d = 15 mm. If the wood fails in tension at a stress of 800 kPa, determine the force F at which the specimen will fail. If the wood also fails in shear (parallel to the grain) at a stress of 200 kPa, determine the minimum dimension h if shear failure is not to occur before tension failure. h d F F A B Figure 1 2. Components A and B in Figure 2 are both made of wood and are 3 8 inch thick in the direction perpendicular to the figure. If the wood fails at a shear stress of 1000 psi and we want to have a factor of safety of 3 against failure when B is loaded by an 800 lb force as shown, what is the minimum value for the dimension d ? 800 lb 25 o d A B Figure 2 1
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3. Figure 3 shows an angle bracket made of 3 mm thick plate that is attached to the wall by
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Unformatted text preview: a single bolt of diameter 7 mm. The bracket is loaded by vertical force F = 120 N. Find the tensile stress in the bolt. F 25 32 10 all dimensions in mm Figure 3 4. A certain steel has a density of 7700 kg/m 3 and fails in uniaxial tension at a stress σ = 120 MPa. A 20 mm diameter cable made of this material is used to lower a cage of mass 1000 kg down a mine shaft from a winch at ground level. How far can the cage be lowered before the cable fails? 2 5. In Figure 5, the bar AC is a solid steel cylinder of diameter 20 mm. A block of weight W = 1200 N is attached at D . Find the stress in the member AC and indicate whether it is tensile or compressive A B C D W 1.5 2.5 3 all dimensions in meters Figure 5 3...
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HW5 - a single bolt of diameter 7 mm The bracket is loaded...

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