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With the old breed - 1 American Military History Prof....

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American Military History Prof. Saeger With the Old Breed Midterm December 12, 2010 Sledge began his military career with a short stay at the Marion Military Institute, followed by an even shorter stay in the Marines V-12officer training program. Anxious to fight like so many other men, Sledge enlisted after his freshman year at Marion into the V-12 program after talking with a recruiter. However when he reached Georgia Tech, his experience was not exactly what he had hoped for. Dismayed by the feeling that he would never have his chance to fight and do his part for his country, Sledge along with ninety out of the one hundred and eighty man detachment purposely failed out of the program in order to join the Marine Corps as enlisted men, not officers. Along with the other dropouts, Sledge was shipped to San Diego to under go basic training. For Sledge, the eight weeks of basic training served to harden him not just physically but mentally as well, a quality he would rely on greatly during the fighting on Peleliu. After graduating from basic training Sledge was sent to Camp Elliott for infantry training. At Elliott, each man was able to choose which weapon they wanted to specialize in. Sledge chose the 60 mm mortar, which was used for light infantry support. Like basic training, infantry training went smoothly, with the men working with enthusiasm without knowing of the horrors of the “meat grinder” that awaited them in the Pacific. 1
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2 Finally on February 28, 1944, as part of the 46 th Replacement Battalion, E.B. Sledge boarded a ship out of San Diego bound for New Caledonia and eventually war. Sledge’s first stop in the Pacific was New Caledonia. Here he underwent even more training. He was taught to recognize different kinds of Japanese weapons by listening to the sounds they made as his instructor fired them over his head. Sledge also received new instruction on how to use his bayonet in a manner that would not leave him defenseless. Much of his time was spent in forced marches and hikes, and practiced landings out of Higgins boats. Finally after two months of practicing in the Pacific, Sledge was finally transferred to his new home, on the island of Pavuvu with the 1 st Marine Division.
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With the old breed - 1 American Military History Prof....

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