jbo214pa1 - tan1=tan(angle2 side3=(side1*tan1...

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/*Joshua Okrent LIN: 819710517 September 13, 2010 PA 1 Khadija Benjlali Section 12 */ using namespace std; #include<iostream> #include<cmath> #include<fstream> int main() { double angle1, side1, side2; ofstream tofile ("results.txt"); cout<<"Please enter the value of the first angle (in degrees), the first side, \n and then the second side all separated by a space"<<endl; cin>>angle1>>side1>>side2; { cout<<"Angle 1 = "<<angle1<<endl<<"Side 1 = "<<side1<<endl<<"Side 2 = "<<side2<<endl; double angle2, tan1, side3, triarea, area1, tarea, perimeter, triper, pi ; pi=acos(-1); angle2=((angle1-90)*(pi/180));
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Unformatted text preview: tan1=tan(angle2); side3=(side1*tan1); triarea=(side1*side3)/2; area1= (side1*side2); tarea=(area1+triarea); cout<<"Total Area: "<<tarea<<endl; triper= pow((pow(side3,2))+(pow(side1,2)),0.5); perimeter=(side1)+(2*side2) + (side3) + (triper); cout<<"Total Perimeter "<<perimeter<<endl; tofile<<"Area: "<<tarea<<endl<<"Perimeter: "<<perimeter<<endl; if (perimeter>100 || tarea>100) { cout<<"This is a huge trapezoid"<<endl; } } else { cout<<"\nYou entered an invalid input."<<endl; cout<<"The Program will now terminate."<<endl<<endl; } system ("pause"); return 0; }...
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jbo214pa1 - tan1=tan(angle2 side3=(side1*tan1...

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