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/* Joshua Okrent LIN: 819710517 October 19, 2010 HW 4 Khadija Benjlali Section 12 */ using namespace std; #include<iostream> #include<iomanip> void sortof(int[], int[]); int main() { int a, i, a1[4], a2[4]; for(i=0; i<4; i++) { cout<<"Please enter integer "<<i+1<<" "; cin>>a1[i]; } sortof(a1, a2); system("pause"); return 0; } void sortof(int a1[], int a2[]) { int a, i, n, big=0, small, lower, middle; for(a=0; a<4; a++) { if (a1[a]>big) big=a1[a];}
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Unformatted text preview: for(a=0; a<4; a++) { if (a1[a]<big) small=a1[a];} a2[0]=small; a2[3]=big; lower=a2[0]; for(a=0; a<4; a++) {if (a1[a]>lower && a1[a]<big) {lower=a1[a];}} a2[2]=lower; for(a=0; a<4; a++) {if (a1[a]>small && a1[a]<lower) {middle=a1[a];}} a2[1]=middle; cout<<"\nArray 1 Array 2"<<endl<<endl; for(a=0; a<4; a++) {cout<<" "<<a1[a]<<" "<<a2[a]<<endl;} }...
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