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/* **************************************** Joshua Okrent 819710517 9/21/2010 HW # 2 Khadija Benjilali Section 12 **************************************** */ using namespace std; #include<iostream> #include<cmath> int main() { double xi, xf, increment, c, x, s, l, sc, negative, tx=0, tc=0, ts=0, tl=0; cout<<"Please enter a value between 0 and 2 for xi followed by a value for xf."<<endl; cin>>xi>>xf; while (2<xi || xi<0 || 2<xf || xi<0) { cout<<"You entered an invalid number. Please try again. "<<endl; cin>>xi>>xf;
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Unformatted text preview: } cout&lt;&lt;&quot;\nX &quot;&lt;&lt;&quot;cos(3x) &quot;&lt;&lt;&quot;sin3x &quot;&lt;&lt;&quot;ln(x) &quot;&lt;&lt;endl&lt;&lt;endl; increment=(xf-xi)/4.; for(x=xi; x&lt;=xf; x+increment) { c=cos(3*x); s=sin(3*x); l=log(x); if(c&gt;=0) tc+=c; if(s&gt;=0) ts+=s; if(l&gt;=0) tl+=l; cout&lt;&lt;x&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;; if(c&gt;=0) cout&lt;&lt;c&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;; else cout&lt;&lt;&quot;negative &quot;; if(s&gt;=0) cout&lt;&lt;s&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;; else cout&lt;&lt;&quot;negative &quot;; if(l&gt;=0) cout&lt;&lt;l&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;&lt;&lt;endl; else cout&lt;&lt;&quot;negative &quot;&lt;&lt;endl; x+=increment; } cout&lt;&lt;&quot;\nSum &quot;&lt;&lt;tc&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;&lt;&lt;ts&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;&lt;&lt;tl&lt;&lt;&quot; &quot;&lt;&lt;endl&lt;&lt;endl&lt;&lt;endl; system(&quot;pause&quot;); return 0; }...
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