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Unformatted text preview: 23/2011 Why is the C=O bond stretch the most intense? + = hν δ⊖ - δ⊖ δ⊕ hν v=0 ΞC-H -C-H =C-H O-H (s) δ⊕ v=1 CO2H C=O(s) N-H 4000 C=C CΞC CΞN 3000 cm-1 2000 1500 1000 600 A. The oxygen and carbon are the heaviest atoms. B. This vibration represents the largest change in dipole moment. C. What is the structure of this compound? The C=O bond is the strongest. ΞC-H -C-H =C-H O-H (s) C=C CΞC CO2H C=O(s) N-H 4000 16 CΞN 3000 cm-1 2000 Which structure is consistent with the following ir spectrum? 1500 1000 600 C=O overtone ? ? O OCH3 OH OH A 14 ΞC-H -C-H =C-H O-H C D C=C CΞC CO2...
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