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MGMT 308-001 AND 002 - F ALL 2011 N EW M EXICO E THICS IN B USINESS A WARDS P ROJECT Project Team Covenant The purpose of the Team Covenant is to identify and commit to your expectations of each other, your expectations of the group, and the ethical standards by which you’ll abide throughout the duration of this project. Please use this form to provide the information requested according to the agreement of your team members. Each team member should add his/her name and the date at the end to signify his/her agreement to be bound by its terms. PART I. TEAM INFORMATION Nominee: _____________________________________________________________________ Team Contact Information: Name Email Contact Phone 1. ____________________________ ___________________________ ____________ 2. ____________________________ ___________________________ ____________ 3. ____________________________ ___________________________ ____________ 4. ____________________________ ___________________________ ____________
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PART II. IDENTIFY YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF EACH OTHER: Instructions : In this section, identify your expectations of each other, for example : 1. What courtesies will you extend each another? (How will you accommodate class and/or work schedules; will team members commit to giving advance notice if running late, if having trouble with a project assignment or responsibility, etc.?) 2.
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