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Confidentiality%20Agreement%20Fa11 - commissions with the...

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New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards CONFIDENTIALITY AND ETHICAL PRACTICES AGREEMENT Nominee: ______________________________________________________________ Re: 2011-2012 New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards (NMEBA) IN CONSIDERATION of being a student researcher for the 2012 Samaritan Counseling Center’s New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards, I agree as follows: 1. I agree that I will treat in strict and absolute confidence all information I receive from any business organization or person provided during this project. [The only exception to this commitment will be other team mates researching the same nominee, the NMEBA faculty sponsor, the graduate assistant working with the faculty sponsor, and the NMEBA Selection Committee, to whom our final report will be sent. All of the aforementioned will also have entered into similar confidentiality agreements prior to my making any disclosures to them.] 2. I also agree to not solicit or accept employment, contract work, or
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Unformatted text preview: commissions with the nominee (individual, organization or the organization’s representatives) during the period beginning with the assignment of nominees and ending March 30, 2012 (approximately three months following the submission of final reports to the NMEBA Selection Committee). Information will be collected regarding the nominee named above from approximately September 8 through November 30, 2011. This agreement is effective on the date signed below. ______________________________________________ _________________ Signature Date Printed Name: _________________________________ MGMT 308 Section # ______ These signed forms are held in the NMEBA files in Professor Sarah Smith’s office at the University of New Mexico - Anderson School of Management. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Smith at (505) 277-0717 or [email protected] Thank you....
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Confidentiality%20Agreement%20Fa11 - commissions with the...

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