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Unformatted text preview: ω r o r i ME 343 In-term exam 1, 5.11.2010, 110 minutes Notes: a) Draw figures (free-body diagrams and other helpful diagrams) as necessary and indicate quantities clearly. b) Show your axes . c) Indicate units . d) Write neatly. Make sure what you write is readable . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) (22 pts.) Given a thick walled tube with inner and outer radii of r i = 160 mm and r o = 200 mm, subjected to an external pressure of p=500 MPa. The tube rotates with a constant angular speed of 5400 rpm. The material has a density of ρ =7800 kg/m 3 . ν =0.30. Find the most critical location in the tube and compute the principal stresses there. 2) (23 pts.) The given beam is located in the horizontal plane. The cross-section is solid circular with a radius of 20 mm. a) Compute all of the stress components at the wall at the following points: - the centroid of the cross-section, -...
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