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ME 343 In-term exam 2, 13.12.2010, 150 minutes Notes: a) Draw figures (free-body diagrams and other helpful diagrams) as necessary and indicate quantities clearly. b) Show your axes . c) Indicate units . d) Write neatly. Make sure what you write is readable . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) (15 pts.) Given an L-beam with a force in the plane of the beam. a) Calculate the stresses on the cross-section at the wall at two points : at the topmost point and at the centroid . b) Find the three principal stresses at the same points. 2) (25 pts.) Given a structure consisting of an L-beam and a bar, which are pinned at the corner of beam. The other supports are also pins. a= 500 mm, h=40 mm, b=20 mm. The end-condition constant for out-of-plane buckling of the bar is c=1.2 and for in-plane buckling it is c=0.8. E=70 GPa and S yc =500 MPa for the bar material. a)
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