hw1 - y = ae bx such that its velocity has a constant...

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ME 244 Assignment 1 Spring 2010 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeditepe University Due date: 12 February 2010, Friday - 5 PM Policy: The assignments should be done by each student individually, not as group work. The due date and time is Friday 5 PM, one week after the assignment is given. No late submissions are accepted. The assignments should be submitted to the Teaching Assistant of the course, Batuhan Baturalp (Room A702). 1. The jet car is originally traveling at speed v 0 when it is subjected to the acceleration shown in the graph. Determine the car’s maximum speed and the time t when it stops ( v 0 = 20 m/s, a 0 = 10 m/s 2 , t 1 = 20 s). 2. A particle moves along the curve
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Unformatted text preview: y = ae bx such that its velocity has a constant magnitude of v = v . Determine the x and y components of velocity when the particle is at y = y 1 ( a = 0 . 3 m, b = 3 m-1 , v = 1 . 2 m/s, y 1 = 1 . 5 m). 3. The drinking fountain is designed such that the nozzle is located from the edge of the basin as shown. Determine the maximum and minimum speed at which water can be ejected from the nozzle so that it does not splash over the sides of the basin at B and C ( θ = 40 ◦ , g = 9 . 81 m/s 2 , a = 50 mm, b = 100 mm, c = 250 mm) 1 Figure 1: Question 1 Figure 2: Question 3 2...
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hw1 - y = ae bx such that its velocity has a constant...

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