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Major Assignment 3 business Logistics

Major Assignment 3 business Logistics - 4 A TR=6.25 5...

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Major Assignment #3 1. The two major determinations to locate facilities are a) near markets, and b)  resource that are available. 2. The state for a processing facility would be Iowa, because obsolescence may occur  in the product, inexpensive, and the company owned fields are in Iowa. 3. Using the center of gravity method the warehouse for the remaining stores would  be at: distance east=15, and distance north=9.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. A) TR=6.25 5. Increased turnover ratio can indicate lower levels of inventory which can increase product stockouts for higher efficiency. 6. Under the following conditions stockout cost = $775. 7. Economic Order Quantity for this situation is order size $150. 8. The two primary issues (SS) guard against are a) uncertainty in demand, and b) uncertainty in lead time....
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