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Assigment 1.1 - wrong people(workers and generating worker...

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#1. Break-Down of Similarities and Differences in Deming and Crosby Philosophies Similarities: 1. Both plans have 14 points. 2. Both stress the importance of management commitment and error-cause removal. 3. Both agree on the Value-based Approach (David Garvin’s 1984 five major approaches to defining quality) which states that a quality product is one that provides performance at an acceptable cost. Differences: 1. Zero defects, central to Crosby’s philosophy, was criticized by Deming as being directed at the
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Unformatted text preview: wrong people (workers) and generating worker frustration and resentment. 2. Goal setting is central to Crosby. Deming said it leads to negative accomplishment. However, Deming was probably reacting not to the uses of, but to the inappropriate uses of slogans and goals. 3. Crosby’s method does not dwell on statistical process control and problem solving techniques that Deming method uses....
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