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Assignment 8 - inspection is an unsatisfactory alternative...

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1. These are the six situations in which acceptable sampling would be useful. When testing is destructive, when the cost of 100% inspection is extremely high, when 100% inspection is not technologically feasible or would require so much calendar time that production scheduling would be seriously impacted, when there are so many items to be inspected error rate is sufficiently high that 100% inspection might cause a higher percentage is defective units to be passed than would occur with the use of a sampling plan, when the vendor has an excellent quality history and some reduction in inspection from 100% is desired, but the vendor’s process capability is sufficiently low so that no
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Unformatted text preview: inspection is an unsatisfactory alternative, and when there are potentially serious product liability risks, and although the vendor’s process is satisfactory, a program for continuously monitoring the product is necessary. Six situations in which acceptable sampling would be useful. • When testing is destructive • When inspection costs are extremely high • When time or technology limitations are constraints • When lot sizes are very large and the probability of inspection errors is high • When supplier’s quality history is good enough to justify less than 100% inspection • When potential liability risks are high enough to warrant some form of continuous monitoring...
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