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1. McGregor’s Theory X, suggests that workers inherently dislike work and must be coerced, controlled, and threatened in order to motivate them to work to achieve organizational objectives. Workers also actively avoid responsibility and that the worker’s desire for security is the primary motivator. McGregor’s Theory Y suggests that work is a natural activity for humans, that workers will actively work to achieve goals to which they are committed, and that workers possess considerable ingenuity and imagination that
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Unformatted text preview: is waiting to be trapped. 2. Herzberg’s theory suggests that there is plainly job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. Saying needs that when satisfied can lead to job satisfaction which is motivators. So, the other category of needs is hygiene needs can only lead to no job dissatisfaction. Example, increasing pay or improving supervision can only decrease the level of worker job dissatisfaction and will not result in increased worker job satisfaction....
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