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Bone Classes - vessels supply oxygen& nutrients to bone...

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Bone Classifications Shape Structure Long Short Flat Irregular Sesamoid cylindric, rounded edges femur small, bear little or no weight phalanges protect vital organs, contain blood- forming cells protect vital organs, contain blood- forming cells scapula carpal bones in wrist, small bones in inner ear develops within a tendon patella epiphysis diaphysis Cortex/Outer Medulla/Inner dense, compact tissue spongy, cancellous tissue made up of haversian system canal network microscopic blood
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Unformatted text preview: vessels supply oxygen & nutrients to: bone lacunae house osteocytes run vertical made up of trabeculae (large spaces) red marrow yellow marrow hematopoiesis contains fat cells can dislodge fat embolism syndrom (FES) Volkman's canals periosteum (outermost layer) osteogenic cells osteo-blasts osteo-clasts osteoid/matrix inorganic calcium salt deposits makes bones hard Chapter 52...
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