Nursing Health History and Effect Commun

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Components of a Nursing Health History BIOGRAPHIC DATA Includes client’s name, address, age, sex, marital status, occupation, religious preference, health care financing, and usual source of medical care. CHIEF COMPLAINT OR REASON FOR VISIT The client’s answer to the question “What brought you to the hospital?” or “What is troubling you?” is expressed in the client’s own words HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS This includes the onset of symptoms, when the symptoms started, if its development was sudden or gradual, severity and frequency of occurrence, the site or exact location of distress; the character of the complaint, its intensity or quality of discharge, sputum, etc.; activity of the client which may be involved in the development of the problem, phenomena or symptoms associated with the chief complaint, and the factors that aggravate or alleviate the problem. PAST HISTORY This includes childhood illnesses, immunizations, allergies to drugs, animals, or other
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