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Physical Assessment - Physical Assessment...

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Physical Assessment ABBREVIATED PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT FORMAT  The following is a brief "Head-to-Toe Physical Assessment Guide" that may be used to establish the  client's physical status. This type of assessment is frequently used by nurses at the beginning of a  hospital shift when the nurse has multiple clients to whom she will provide nursing care. Often a total  physical examination is done upon admission to the hospital by the physician or nurse practitioner.  Therefore this shorter format is more practical for ongoing client assessments. General Survey  Assess level of consciousness (LOC) DEVIATIONS FROM NORMAL: Assess speech NORMAL FINDINGS: Speech clear. Mak DEVIATIONS FROM NORMAL: Assess comfort level NORMAL FINDINGS: Denies c/o pain/di DEVIATIONS FROM NORMAL: intervene to provide comfort measures and Skin color, temperature, moisture, turgor Eyes  Assess pupils
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Physical Assessment - Physical Assessment...

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