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Hip Fracture Patho - falls; accidents; trauma; ↑ age; bone cancer; osteoporosis Clinical Manifestations - pain; one leg shorter than the other; crepitus; ↓ROM; abdominal swelling; parasthesia; hypovolemic shock Labs - CT; Ultrasound; XRAY; MRI; Hemoccult; Treatment - Bedrest; ORIF; Buck’s Traction; NV Checks; Heels off bed; Early ambulation;
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Unformatted text preview: Repositioning; SCDs; Hydration; Abduction Pillows; Medications Nursing Diagnosis- Risk for falls, pain, injury, infection; Impaired Skin Integrity Complications- DVT; Pulmonary Embolism; Dislocation/Subluxation; ACS; Crush Syndrome; Hypovolemic Shock; FES; Infection/Sepsis; Kidney failure; Osteonecrosis; Delayed union...
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