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Fluid Volume Deficit

Fluid Volume Deficit - Nursing Interventions[Check those...

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Fluid Volume Deficit (_)Actual (_) Potential Related To: [Check those that apply] (_) Excessive urinary output. (_) Inadequate fluid intake. (_) Abnormal drainage. (_) Excessive emesis. (_) Difficulty in swallowing. (_) Medication:________________________ (_) Diarrhea (_) Shock (_) Hemorrhage (_) Fever (_) Burns (_) Other:_____________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________   As evidenced by: [Check those that apply] Major: ( Must be present ) (_) Output greater than intake. (_) Dry skin/mucous membranes. Minor: ( May be present ) (_) Increased serum sodium. (_) Increased pulse from baseline. (_) Decreased or excessive urine output. (_) Concentrated urine. (_) Urinary frequency. (_) Decreased fluid intake. (_) Poor skin tugor. (_) Thirst/nausea/anorexia.   Date & Sign. Plan and Outcome [Check those that apply] Target Date:
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Unformatted text preview: Nursing Interventions [Check those that apply] Date Achieved: The patient will: (_) Asses: (_) Demonstrate adequate fluid balance A.E.B.: • Moist mucous membranes. • Balanced intake and output. • Normal lab values. • Improved skin turgor. (_) Other: • Moistness of mucous membrane and skin turgor and chart findings. • Intake and output q___ hours. • Orthostatic hypotension QD. • Daily weights each _____ am/pm using same scale. • Labs: HCT, BUN, Specific gravity, Sodium, Other:______ (_) Encourage fluid intake of ____ cc/day; ____. (_) Assist patient with drinking if necessary. (_) Explore patient's understanding of etiological factors and provide necessary teaching. (_) Other:________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________...
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