Finance 301 - History Exam 1 Review The Contested Origins...

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History Exam 1 Review The Contested Origins of an Atlantic World, 1607-1776 o Hybridity New York Conspiracy Trials La Malinche Aztec women who was an interpreter, advisor, lover, and intermediary for Cortes Played a big role in the Spanish conquest of Mexico Opechancanough Indian that grew up in Jamestown Goes with Spanish, end up in Mexico city Educated, goes to Madrid, becomes catholic Reborn as Luis de Velasco He knows who the English are because already been to Europe Leads a rebellion against English Andrew Montour Lived somewhere in Northern PA and Southern NY He was a Mati o Person who is of Indian and European descent o Father was French mother was Indian Spoke many languages o Testament to the diversity of the world he lived in Middle Man Lived in Shamokin Metachom’s War (King Phillip) Grows up in New England Believes that English are destabilizing their ecosystem/economy Launches the single most devastating war in NA ever Loses because the English governor in New York is vey close with Mohawk Indians, have a trading system they like Iroquois come in and attack King Phillip’s army from behind. Gullah Communities 1790, in the Carolinas African/English culture blend together Resulted in food preparation styles we use today Language of Gallah o English language with African grammar Christianity o Most Africans become converted o Shout/response o Singing and dancing, instruments Shamokin City in the middle of everything Where majority of trade occurs Can get anything you want here Huge trading post and if one side controlled, they would be very powerful Indian culture begins to change as they trade with the English and French in North East America Indians begin to produce goods for the colonists, and so do the colonists for the Indians Guns lead to blacksmiths, leads to Indian father’s trading their daughters Blacksmiths live with Indians
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Fur, skins, metals, food, alcohol, etc Wars change after colonists come to America Mourning Wars o Originally wars with Indians were fought to replace someone they lost o Numbers were important, so replacing people who died was done by fighting other tribes and stealing their people Now wars are fought over land, power, conquest Thomas Jefferson Married Marth Stewart She died, married her half sister Sally Hemmings, she is 1/8 black Went to Europe with Sally, made a deal with her that if they had children he would free her family members. Ended up only freeing some and giving them land Now whites and blacks are descendants of Thomas Jefferson o Patriarchy Males the head of the households Heads of the city’s and towns Only ones allowed in politics Women inferior, slaves almost Only there to assist the husbands, sex, take care of house, children, reproduction Wasn’t enough to just be rich
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Finance 301 - History Exam 1 Review The Contested Origins...

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