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MKT291Ch.5 - The personal social and economic significance...

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18:32 Chapter 5 Purchase Decision process p 96-101.   Consumer Behavior The actions a person takes in purchasing and using products and services Purchase Decision Process The stages a buyer passes through in making choices about which products or services  to buy 5 Stages: Problem Recognition – perceiving a difference between a person’s ideal and actual  situations big enough to trigger a decision (perceiving a need) Information Search – consumer searches for information pertaining to the problem  (seeking value) Alternative Evaluation – objective and subjective attributes of a brand (assessing value) Purchase Decision – who to buy from and when to buy (buying value) Postpurchase Behavior – compare product to expectations and is either satisfied or  dissatisfied (value in consumption or use) Involvement
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Unformatted text preview: The personal, social, and economic significance of a purchase to the consumer 5 Situational Influences on Purchase Decision Process The purchase task Social surroundings Physical surroundings Temporary Effects Antecedent states (mood/how much money on hand) “Learning”, beginning on page 104 up to the learning review box (4. 5. 6.) in the middle of page 108. Learning Behaviors that result from repeated experience or reasoning Stimulus Generalization refers to using the same cue, such as brand name, over multiple products Brand Loyalty A favorable attitude toward and consistent purchase of a single brand over time Attitude A tendency to respond to something in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way Beliefs A consumer’s perceptions of how a product or brand performs...
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MKT291Ch.5 - The personal social and economic significance...

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