Mkt291Ch.6 - Past performance Production facilities and...

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18:33 Organizational Markets - Page 120 – 121 bottom of page. Business Marketing The marketing of products and services to firms, governments, or not-for-profit  organizations Organizational Buyers Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and government agencies that buy goods and  services for their own use of for resale North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Provides common industry definitions for Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Characteristics of Organizational Buyer - page 122 to 125 at the bottom.   Derived Demand The demand for industrial products and services is driven by demand for consumer  products and services Organizational Buying Criteria Price Quality specifications met Delivery schedule met Technical capability Warranties/claim policies
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Unformatted text preview: Past performance Production facilities and capacity Roles in the Buying Center page 128-129 at the top of the page up to the learning review box. Buying Center The group of people in an organization who participates in the buying process Roles in the Buying Center: Users – people in organization who actually use the product or service Influencers – help define the specifications for what is bought Buyers – select the supplier and negotiate terms Deciders – approve the supplier Gatekeepers – control the flow of information Buy Classes Three types of organizational buying situations: New buy – first time buying Straight rebuy – reordering Modified rebuy – reordering with some minor changes...
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Mkt291Ch.6 - Past performance Production facilities and...

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