MKT291Ch.18 - or service features • Web Communities o Web...

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Chapter 18 Interactive Marketing o Two-way buyer – seller electronic communication in a computer-mediated environment in which the buyer controls the kind and amount of information received from the seller Choiceboard o In interactive, internet-enabled system that allows individual customers to design their own products and services Collaborative Filtering o A process that automatically groups people with similar buying intentions, preferences, and behaviors, and predicts future purchases Personalization o The consumer-initiated practice of generating content on a marketer’s Web site that is custom tailored to an individual’s specific needs and preferences Permission Marketing o Asking for a consumer’s consent (called opt-in) to receive e-mail and advertising based on personal data supplied by the consumer Bots o Electronic shopping agents or robots that comb Web sites to compare prices and product
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Unformatted text preview: or service features • Web Communities o Web sites that allow people to meet online and exchange views on topics of common interest • Blog o A Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or organization • Spam o Electronic junk mail or unsolicited e-mail • Viral Marketing o An Internet-enabled promotional strategy that encourages users to forward marketer-initiated messages to other s via e-mail • Dynamic Pricing o The practice of changing prices for products and services in real time in response to supply and demand conditions • Cookies o Computer files that a marketer can download onto the computer of an online shopper who visits the marketer’s Web site • Cross-Channel Shopper o An online consumer who researches products online and then purchases them at a retail store...
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MKT291Ch.18 - or service features • Web Communities o Web...

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