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case#7 - products(464 3 It influences 3M operating units to...

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Chien Chiu Hsiung BUS 50.1 Dr. Marilyn Blau November 4, 2009 Case #7 Three Roads to Innovation (3M Case) 1. The terminal value for 3M’s culture is innovation because it is important for the company continues growth. The instrumental values are taking risks, working hard, and being creative and courageous. 2. The main ways 3M tries to create a culture that support innovation are increasing the spending on research and development from 4.6% of sales to 6.5%, sharing technologies and laboratory resources across the company divisions and corporate. Also, 3M continues to expand and build two dozen core technologies which provide a rich source of new
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Unformatted text preview: products (464). 3. It influences 3M operating units to communicate better and spending most of their time together in planning and setting priorities for product development based on customer needs and expectations. Prioritizing is important to 3M because it helps compressed development time and brings their new products to the market more quickly. It also influences the company to have cross- functional teams who work closely with customers to learn present and future customers’ needs so, they can develop new products and satisfy customer expectations....
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