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summary about peru tree

summary about peru tree - other forms of charcoal when it...

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Chien Chiu Hsiung Professor Marra CC3.32, Geology December 3, 2009 Title: Ecosystem in Peru is losing a Key Ally By: Simon Romero In Peru, the tree called the huarango provided inhabitants of the desert with food and timber since the time of the Nazca Civilization etched geoglyphs about 2,000 years ago. Today, Peruvians are cutting down the huarango forests at alarming rate. They use the tree as a source of charcoal and firewood. Huarango is depleting at a very fast rate according to ecologists. Many Peruvians use huarango as a substitute for charcoal to cook their food because it lasts longer than
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Unformatted text preview: other forms of charcoal when it is burn. Villagers explain how woodcutters come at night and cut the tree down to avoid detection. According to ecologists, the systematic deforestation left only 1% of the original huarango woodlands that once existed in the Peruvian desert. In the black market huarango is sold for about $1 per kilogram. This is considered a bargain because a gallon of natural gas cost more than $10. So far, Ms. Borda’s arduous project has help planted about 20,000 huarango in Ica. People are being educated so they can better protect their native tree from extinction....
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