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Chien Chiu Hsiung Phil 3314 Chapter 8, Case 5 I believe manufactures should be legally liable for “cradle to grave” responsibility for their products because they are responsible for making the decisions on how to produce their products, whether they should use recyclable or non- recyclable materials. Therefore, they are responsible for the entire life of the product, from the birth to the time of disposing of the product. After consumers finished with the products, it is manufacturer responsibility to inform consumers to properly dispose of their products. Companies need to use recyclable materials to make their product because if the product is not recyclable, then they should pay to dispose their waste properly.
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Unformatted text preview: Consumers also bare some responsible for the product we buy because once consumers buy the products, they should be responsible for properly disposing the products after they used it and manufacturers should put some kind of a label informing the consumers, whether the product is recyclable or not. If consumers care about the environment, they will buy eco-friendly products which can be recycled. As a result, manufacturers will stop making toxic and non-recyclable goods because they respond to consumer demand. If demand is low, they will stop producing it. when consumers demand for eco-friendly products, companies are more willing to Most consumers do not care what kind of materials the company uses...
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