Sustainability BusinessNew Environment Obligation summary

Sustainability BusinessNew Environment Obligation summary -...

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Chien Chiu Hsiung Phil 3314 In “Sustainability: Business’s New Environment Obligation” by Joseph Desjardins In “Sustainability: Business’s New Environment Obligation” by Joseph Desjardins, he begins the article with disagreements with Bowie approach on business environment obligations. First, Bowie believes business does not have any obligations to protect the environment more than what the law required. Second, Bowie concluded the theories of corporate environmental responsibility are that business has the freedom to seek profit as long as they follow the law and causes no avoidable harm to others. In addition, Business have negative duties not to pollute and not to cause avoidable harm, however they do not have positive duty to apply themselves in ways that will help the environment in the long-term. In addition, society plays a huge role that can change business activities because as consumers can pressure companies to be more environmental responsible through the products we demand or pass legislation requiring business to act more responsibly towards the environment. Desjardins disagrees with Bowie approach because he thinks Bowie model of corporate environmental responsibility is misguided and the wrong way to think about business, the environment, and ethical responsibility. Instead, Desjardins is more interested in reconceptualizing business’s environmental obligations and redesign business institutions to meet the standard of sustainability in the 21 st century. Why the need to reconceptualize and redesign business? In order to reconceptualize and redesign business, Desjardins discusses the importance of reducing poverty around the world since large population of people lack the basic necessities to live a decent life. For business activities to function efficiently the world economy must fight poverty by providing basic needs to the poor. The author proposes that the world economy produce a significant amount of food, clothing, shelter, health care and jobs to fight poverty. This
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situation leads to his arguments for economic activity and his concerns for the earth’s biosphere. In his first argument, he states that since the economy is a sub-system created within the earth’s
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Sustainability BusinessNew Environment Obligation summary -...

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