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Chien Chiu Hsiung Professor Watson April 28, 2009 Effects on the Global Economy Crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean region Since the global economic crisis began in 2008, Latin America and the Caribbean have been most affected by the crisis. Many people lost their job as the companies and industries struggle to stay alive. The only way for companies and industries to stay alive is to lay off most of their workers or to close down their production. Businesses in both regions are down and some of the businesses lost record number of money. Leaders in the Americas are concern that as the economic crisis continues and become critical many more people will be affected. It will hurt especially the poor and developing countries like Haiti. Recent gathering of Americas leaders at the Fifth Summit of Americas in Trinidad and Tobago have made them realized that the economy is about to collapse making their country unable to grow. In the summit, economy was one of the main agenda in their discussions. Experts predict that this year, we should expect to see many people becoming unemployed and lesser demands on goods from foreign nations. So far the economic crisis has caused ripple effects in both of the region. As companies began to lose their businesses, it is causing massive layoff of workers, and those workers does not have work cannot support their family and stats to lose their house and personal belongings. As the recession continues, another business is rising, the drug cartels. The drug war in Mexico has been rising rapidly right after the economic crisis began to take a hit in Mexico. The war against narcotic business is becoming dangerous because drug gangs are carrying sophisticated weapons that are very deadly. If leaders in both regions want to see their economy back on track, they need to enforce tougher law to crackdown on drugs trafficking and violence so that they can rebuild
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people lives and get the businesses moving again. They also need to make good relationships
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economy paper - Chien Chiu Hsiung PR&LS Professor Watson...

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