flooding - A Dol Monte Dole and Chiquita are the main...

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Chien Chiu Hsiung March 31, 2009 Professor Watson Subject Area: Floods in Costa Rica Topics: Impacts of flooding to the banana industries in Costa Rica Audience Purpose: I want my audiences to know that annual flooding in Costa Rica has dramatic impact to the banana industries. Thesis: Annual flooding from tropical storms in Costa Rica has damage banana crops and disrupted the banana industries as a result, Costa Rican farmers loses their time and money. I. Heavy rain which result in severe flooding from tropical storms damages the banana plantation every year. A. 24,710 acres of banana crops were washed away or destroyed by the flood (Bexon) B. Standing water kills the crops (Reliefweb) C. Water become contaminated for plants to grow, people and livestock to drink (Zieff) II. Growing banana is the main industry in Costa Rica and floods can disrupt the harvest
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Unformatted text preview: A. Dol Monte, Dole, and Chiquita are the main banana industries B. Last year, banana industries lost $30.8 million(Bexon) C. Workers were out of work for months D. Coffee, banana, sugarcane, pineapple, and cacao are the main crops grown in Costa Rica. III. Time and money are being lost A. Farmers lose money because they use money to buy seeds and took time to plant the seeds. B. Less bananas to import and export which causes price to increase around the world Conclusion: In the future, Costa Rican Government needs better ways to predict the storms so that they can alert the banana industries and other farmers in advance to prevent them from losing any crops or stop them from planting new crops....
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flooding - A Dol Monte Dole and Chiquita are the main...

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