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newspaper summary - Miners quarrel over land rights In...

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Miners quarrel over land rights In Suriname, the latest clash between black miners and white foreigners over land rights is happening all over again in the region. This hasn’t happened since the colonial era. The Canadian company call “IAMGOLD” is arguing with the Maroon gold miners about working in the alluvial. The local miners work in the area with battels and shovels to find gold, while the company uses big machines to mine the area for more gold. Both sides are growing angry on their right to work the land. The company has suspended talks with miners after 100 miners invaded the concession to work alluvial claims. The problem is that small scale miners were allowed to find gold in the area, but the company closed off the area. The company said they are willing to hire these workers to work for them, but the local miners prefer to work alone. Unemployment will rise in the Caribbean after recent fall The United Nation said the economy in the Caribbean and Latin America is going to increase 2.3 percent in 2009, but the unemployment rates is expected to rise above 8 percent. The U.N. report called “World Economic Situation and Prospects 2009,” said the economic growth in both Caribbean and Latin America is expected to be slow this year. The decrease in commodity prices and domestic credit is expected to get tighter in many industries. All inflation which occurred during 2008 that increase the cost of energy, transportation, and food is expected to go down in 2009. The report also states that the U.S. recession will directly affect the region and decreasing commodity prices will also affect the terms of trade. It predicts global inflation this year will be 7.3 percent compared to 8.1 percent last year.
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Jamaica PM announces billion- dollar stimulus Jamaica Prime Minister, Bruce Golding announces a billion dollar stimulus packages to help struggling company in the island. The island is struggling to survive the financial crisis which has already brought down many rich nations into a huge recession. Golding is planning to cut tax, duty exemptions, and give millions of dollars in loans to company that need it. He cuts taxes for hotels by half to 4.125 percent and he expected the stimulus will help Jamaica for the next six months. The bank will also give special loan about $500 million to working capital and tourism sections that need it. He is removing all customs user fees on capital goods and raw materials to help manufacturing company. ___________________________________ Worries over the economy Caribbean countries are trying to work together to face the global recession, but experts warmed it will be much harder. They have come up with their own economic stimulus packages. Caribbean community Secretary General Edwin Carrington warned the crisis was serious and the
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newspaper summary - Miners quarrel over land rights In...

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