proverty - B. Income 1. Live less than $2 a day 2. No...

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Chien Chiu Hsiung March 10, 2009 Professor Watson Title: Mexico Subject Area: Economy Topics: Poverty in Mexico Audience Purpose: I want my audiences to be aware of how poverty is affecting Mexicans in their daily bases and give them an understanding of why poverty exists in Mexico. Thesis: Mexico poverty has affected many Mexicans live and with the lack of government assistances it caused many Mexicans to defend themselves. I. The causes of Mexico poverty A. Bad economy B. Individual circumstances such as lack of education, healthcare, and skills C. Geographic- rural area vs. urban (Baack) II. The Mexicans government is unable to stop the growing number of people entering poverty level. A. Forty million Mexicans live in poverty today; 18 million live in “extreme poverty”
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Unformatted text preview: B. Income 1. Live less than $2 a day 2. No government benefits C. Every year 150,000 workers will be unemployed III. Effects of poverty to Mexicans family A. forced to fled Mexico and go to other countries like America, to work illegally B. Children are forced to work to supplement the family income (factfile) C. Crime increases such as drug trafficking IV. Conclusion A. Although millions of Mexicans still live in poverty, there are signs that show Mexico economy has increased B. Recent year, Mexico economics growth rate has increase 8% per year, but the poverty has decline very little....
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proverty - B. Income 1. Live less than $2 a day 2. No...

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