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Chien Chiu Hsiung English 1 Professor Miller April 21, 2009 Assignment #4 Identity and Changes Margaret Atwood, “A Letter to America” and Sherman Alexie, “What Sacagawea Means to Me” both discuss how famous writers, explorers, and pioneers helped built America we now know. Both are especially dealing with issues in America. They discuss about America history and how over the course of history things has changed and improved. Atwood and Alexie also talk about themselves trying to find their identity as well as America. However, they talk about different changes happening in America. Atwood certainly mentions about the economic policy, foreign policy, and cultural ideal. While, Alexie mentions about Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea journey to the West and how that journey changed America forever. She mostly deals with present day issues in America like war on terror, debt, economy, and violations of Americans rights. Alexie presents the issues during colonial time when America first became independence and expanding its territory. Atwood and Alexie discuss American history to try to remind the true identity of America and their different perceptions of America, which has changed over the course of their life. Both Atwood and Alexie discuss similar themes in the story about uncovering their identity and their views on different changes happening in America. Both writers say that Americans are forgetting how America was built upon. It took pioneers, explorers, writers, singers, and environmentalists are the foundations of America. In “A Letter to America,” Atwood writes this letter because she said “this is a difficult letter to write because I am no longer sure who you are.” She is trying to remind us who we really are because America is heading in a wrong direction. America stood up for freedom, honesty and justice, and protected the innocent.
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“You were the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comic books” that she used to read. “You were
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assignment #4 - Chien Chiu Hsiung English 1 Professor...

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