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Chien Chiu Hsiung English 1 TF9 Professor Miller May 8, 2009 Writing Assignment #5 Maysan Haydar and Anne Lamott discuss their personal identity and their religious belief. Both writers are from different culture; however their religious beliefs have led them to find who they are. Haydar is a Muslim woman who has faced stereotypical comments from other people throughout her life because of the way she dresses. Living in America has modernized her looks and given her the choice to wear her veil in public. On the other hand, Anne Lamott seems to be living in a trouble life. She juggles between several different religious families to find comfort that she could not have gotten from her own family. Her life became her personal quest to find who she really is. In “Veiled Intentions: Don’t judge a Muslim Girl by Her Covering” by Maysan Haydar and “Overture: Lily Pads” by Anne Lamott discuss about their life experiences which resulted in finding their identity and their religious faith. Maysan Haydar in “Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge a Muslim Girl by Her Covering” addresses her life experiences as a Muslim girl living in modern society which led her to find her identity. Throughout her life, she was always judged at from other people. Many of the stuff she hears are stereotypical comments about Muslim women who wears veil. Even in high school, Haydar has difficult interacting with guys because she wears a jilbab, which is a traditional Muslim woman outfit that covers her whole body and most guys automatically believe she is not available for dating. She believes “girls deserve to be treated with respect no matter what they wear” (Haydar). She hears ridiculous ideas from people who do not understand the meaning of wearing a veil and what a person wearing veil “should be, do, and enjoy” (Haydar). When they hear what she enjoys doing, which includes karate and skateboarding, they become disbelief and
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shock. Haydar just want to make people reconsider their notions of a Muslim girl. She believes
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assignment #5 - Chien Chiu Hsiung English 1 TF9 Professor...

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