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1. I have reviewed the bulletin requirements for Business finance major. I have noticed that I have already taken Economics 20.1, Business 50.1, and 50.2. These are part of my Business core courses. I need to take 14 Business core courses plus 6 more courses for my concentration in Finance and Investments. 2. The next two years in college, I am planning to finish all my lower-tier and upper-tier classes in two semesters and three business courses. Then the following year, I will concentrate on my business classes for the rest of my college year. I might also take summer classes so I can graduate in time. For example during this summer, I will take a music core and finish the rest of the lower- tier and upper- tier core in my junior year. 3. I have met with Professor Carter to discuss about my major. I told her that I am going to major in finance and she told me to go to the economic department to meet with my major advisor so they can advice me to take the right courses. We discussed how I should
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