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diagnostic essay - believes he is fighting Menelaus to the...

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Chien Chiu Hsiung CC1.1- Classical Cultures Prof. McDonnell February 17, 2010 Diagnostic Essay When Paris runs away from the battle, Hector mocks Paris that he is too afraid to fight and he is always hiding behind Trojan lines. Paris tells Hector that he does not have a problem fighting with Menelaus one on one. However, the audiences know Paris is a coward and often he is unmanly. He makes other people fight his battle even though the war was his fault when he abducted Helen. His weapon of choice has always been bow and arrows and he never fought with a sword or spear yet alone fight one on one with Menelaus. This shows that there is no way Paris can fight alone with Menelaus. As the audience we know that someone is going to save Paris, if Trojans would not save him then one of the Gods will try to help one of their own because the Gods are divided and they cannot stand when their own side loses. Although Paris
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Unformatted text preview: believes he is fighting Menelaus to the death, he does not know that Aphrodite will intervene in the battle and save him. Homer uses dramatic irony to help build the climax of the story. If the characters know what is going to happen to them then they would not have the anticipation to fight. For example, if Menelaus knew Aphrodite is going to come and save Paris, then what is the point for him to fight Paris. Paris would be save no matter what because Aphrodite is there to rescue Paris when he tries to kill him. Without the characters knowing, they think they are fighting fairly, but to readers they are not. Dramatic irony also plays another role in Homer writing, it helps to build up the story because if Menelaus succeeds to kill Paris, then the war will be over and Achaeans will win and on their way home and the story will end....
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