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Finance Interview - me to start thinking about what sector...

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Chidi Ibe January 27, 2011 FYDP Finance Interview The name of the employee I would like to interview is Arthur Wilson. He is the associate professor in the department of finance. I know that he went to the University of Chicago and has both a Masters and Ph. D in Finance, thus that is his area of expertise. He is also the president of the Washington area finance association. I am interested in interviewing this person because I am sure that I want to major in Finance. I saw him at our FYDP, and he gave a good talk about Finance. He was very knowledgeable about the subject and seemed to have a lot of passion for it. I know he will have so much substantial information about Finance that he can tell me about. He could also tell me how to go about getting internships in Finance, and which companies I could possibly try to work for. He could explain to me the different sectors in finance, and that would allow
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Unformatted text preview: me to start thinking about what sector of finance I want to work in. He could also go through his daily routine when he’s working with the Finance association. I’m going to start February 20 and find a time when he’s available. Then I’ll plan to meet him sometime during that week on Friday the 25 th , and he will be interviewed. So I have two major dates. If that doesn’t work out, then I could easily wait for the next time he will be available which would definitely be the week after that. Some possibilities for questions would be “Can you explain to me your daily routine?” ,“What compelled you to study Finance”, and “Would you say your job is fun?”. I am excited to start this process and learn more about the department I’m going into....
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