Radical America in Nigerian Eyes

Radical America in Nigerian Eyes - Chidi 1 Chidi Ibe...

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Chidi 1 Chidi Ibe Professor Randi Kristensen UW-Radically Rewriting America 27 January 2011 America through Nigerian Eyes I would be known as someone who is quite the international man. The truth is, I’ve never actually lived in my own country. I am Nigerian by blood, with two parents who are full Nigerians themselves. However, I was born and lived in France, and lived in several other countries such as Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and of course in the United States, where I currently am. Personally, after having lived in 3 different countries (not to mention 3 different states), and travelled to Asia and Australia, I am a very open minded person. I could sincerely say that, it’s hard to shock me when it comes to different cultures and their values. I can embrace and tolerate different cultures, and even immerse myself in some aspects of some cultures because of my travelling lifestyle. Although this is the way I live my life due to a lot of outside exposure, the Igbo people from my hometown, Mbieri Nigeria definitely don’t have the same perspectives on some issues. My people take religion very seriously and are very warm-hearted, although they do have their own distinct perspective on lifestyle choices. Nigerians in general, probably to the surprise of a lot of Americans have similarities in the arts and school, and do appreciate America for those things. Furthermore, our differences however don’t separate us, and we are both very tolerant of each other. In Nigeria, by saying what ethnic group you belong to, one can identify where in
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Chidi 2 Nigeria you’re from. There are three main ethnic groups. The Hausa people primarily live in the north, the Yoruba in the west, and the Igbos in the east. Now, I’m from the State in Nigeria called Imo State, and in this state there are a lot of Igbo people and that’s the ethnic group in which I come from. In Imo State, I am from Owerri, which is a major city in Nigeria, but within Owerri, I am from a small town of Igbos called Mbieri. Although I’ve lived in a several other countries, and never in Nigeria, I have been back home countless times and understand the way the people of my culture behave and their feelings towards America. This is still where my people and ancestors come from.
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Radical America in Nigerian Eyes - Chidi 1 Chidi Ibe...

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