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Summary of article about weah - put their trust in to lead...

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Chidi Ibe The main points of this: Liberia is a land who needs a person to guide and lead them Weah is a global philanthropist, leaving his riches abroad and coming back to help his nation Football is essential to promoting peace and unity in Liberia George Weah is seen as a sporting hero because he came out from nothing and made it big, but never forgot where he came from Liberian politics needs work, because it is very unstable, and they have no one they can
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Unformatted text preview: put their trust in to lead Although George Weah has a lot of influence in Liberia, he doesn’t meet the academic standards to be able to internationally take on issues George Weah is the reason that Liberia and FIFA have such a great relationship George Weah was a man to be looked up to, to help Liberia move forward positively, especially at a time where Liberia needed someone they respected and trusted...
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