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48-260 (sec. 30) Introduction to Criminology Fall 2011 Thursdays 7:00-9:50pm Instructor: Dr. John Edward Deukmedjian, Associate Professor of Criminology Office: 260 CHS ext. 3985 / Email: johndeuk@uwindsor.ca Office Hours: Thursdays 4-6:00pm / by appt. PREREQUISITES: 48-101 and either 48-102 or 49-112, and by instructor’s permission. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This introductory course will provide an overview of theories and research in crime causation, the nature and extent of crime, and policy responses. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Effectively Communicate : 1. The major contemporary theoretical perspectives on crime causation 2. The impact of present-day strategies and policies on crime prevention 3. The nature and extent of crime in Canada Conduct research and write an academic essay on a timely crime problem, a theoretical perspective as to its cause, and a related policy response REQUIRED READINGS: White, R. F. Haines and L. Eisler (2009). Crime and Criminology: An Introduction. Don Mills, Ontario: OUP. COURSE WEB PAGE: The course makes extensive use of the web as a resource! This includes the availability of a web-based outline that provides access to announcements, posts, power-point lecture slides, and sample exam questions. To access, follow the “class notes” links to the 48-260 Welcome Page. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: In-class test worth 25% of final grade (October 20) Research Essay worth 35% of final grade (November 17) Final exam worth 40% of final grade (December 8) The in-class test and final exams may be comprised of multiple choice and / or short-answer questions. Further details, including sample test / exam questions for study purposes will be provided throughout the term. RESEARCH ESSAY: Students are required to submit a 5-7 page (excluding title page and bibliography) essay on a timely crime problem, a theoretical perspective as to its cause, and a related policy response on or before NOVEMBER 17. A handout providing students with details of the assignment / essay expectations etc. will be posted online by Oct. 20. *Please see Policies and Procedures for important information on tests, exams and essays.
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2 COURSE OUTLINE September 8 (Chapter 1 Recommended): COURSE INTRODUCTION Administration of course Introduction to the Study of Crime Overview and course objectives Reading: pp. 1-19 September 15 (Chapter 2): CLASSICAL THEORY Reading: pp. 20-34 September 22 (Chapter 3): POSITIVISM Reading: pp. 35-55 September 29 (Chapter 4): STRAIN THEORY Reading: pp. 56-82 October 6 (Chapter 5): LABELING PERSPECTIVES Reading: pp. 83-99 October 13 (Chapter 6): MARXIST CRIMINOLOGY Reading: pp. 100-118 Brief discussion / Q&A of in-class test Sample Midterm Test to be posted on course web page October 20: ***IN-CLASS TEST*** / ***ESSAY HANDOUT*** In-class test will be administered in the first half of class
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48-260-30-F11-Outline - Dept of Sociology, Anthropology...

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