107.30.F11 - 1 Positive Psychology - Fall 2011* * If you...

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1 Positive Psychology - Fall 2011 * * If you identify typos or mistakes or incomplete information or something that looks wrong, please let me know right away. UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR, DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Course Syllabus - Psyc 107, Sect 30, Fall 2011 Day/Location: Tuesday evenings, 7pm-9:50pm, Room 1120, Erie Hall Prerequisites : None. All are welcome. Especially students who are not majoring in Psychology. Overview/Orientation : Historically, psychology has been ‘negative’ in orientation. It has narrowly sought to understand and repair human weaknesses and liabilities. The present course will describe how the scope of psychology has recently been broadened beyond exclusive concern with identifying pathology and treating or preventing disorder. In this course, students will be provided with opportunities to understand theory and research pertaining to the psychology of human strengths, assets, abilities and talents. Knowledge gains will be reinforced with personalized experiential learning exercises. There is a strong ‘experiential’ component, meaning students will have a chance to improve the quality of their life so they are happier, more satisfied and have a stronger psychological sense that their life is truly meaningful and deeply significant. Topics will include: happiness/positive emotions; optimal/peak performance; personal fulfillment/life satisfaction; optimal & holistic health; resilience; emotional intelligence; creativity; optimism; hope; self-efficacy; goal pursuit; wisdom; humility; empathy; compassion; forgiveness; gratitude; non-romantic love; moral motivation; altruism; civic virtues/volunteerism; strengths of character (virtues); intrinsic motivation; flow; positive coping; spirituality/religiosity, meaning & purpose in life. Instructor and TAs : Instructor: Dr. Kenneth E. Hart, Office office hours: Office hrs: TBA. See CLEW message. Offiice location, Room 191-2, Chrysler Hall South (CHS), (no appointment needed at these times). For other times, by appointment only. Phone: 253-3000 x2225. Email: kenhart@uwindsor.ca . Graduate Assistants (GAs): Phillip Ianni ( ianni1@uwindsor.ca ), Michael Kong ( kongd@uwindsor.ca ) and Michelle Monette ( monettem@uwindsor.ca ) Dr. Hart’s Policy on Returning Emails: My policy is not to return emails instantly (the same day). Given there are over 440 students in the class, my policy in Psyc 107 is to return your emails in a time frame that does not exceed 5 working days. Thus, if you email me Friday you will hear back from me before the following Friday. Note that Saturday and Sunday are not “working” days. While I will try and return your email before 5 days, sometimes it may take longer if I’m distracted by an emergency or out of town. If you have an emergency and find it essential to contact me right way, you can try calling me or dropping by my office for a face to face visit. As far as email goes, it typically takes me 3 or 4 days to reply. Again, do not expect an immediate, same day, response. My policy requires that you exercise the virtue of patience.
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This note was uploaded on 10/07/2011 for the course PSYCHOLOGY 107 taught by Professor Hart during the Fall '11 term at University of Toronto- Toronto.

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107.30.F11 - 1 Positive Psychology - Fall 2011* * If you...

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