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Page 1 of 2 School of Computer Science Fall 2010 03-60-350-01 Introduction to Multimedia Systems INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Imran Ahmad Office : LT 8112 Phone : (519) 253-3000 / 3715 FAX : (519) 973-7093 Email : imran@cs.uwindsor.ca URL : http://cs.uwindsor.ca/~imran/courses/350 LECTURE: Mon./Wed. 02:30 PM – 03:50 PM in DH 364 LABS: Lab51: Wed. 10:00 AM – 11:20 AM in LT G125 Lab52: Wed. 11:30 AM – 12:50 PM in LT G125 OFFICE HOURS: Mon/ Tue : 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon in my office; Any other time: by appointment ONLY GA / TA: TBA TEXT: 1. Ze-Nian Li and Mark S. Drew (Optional) 2. Todd Perkins (Required) Fundamentals of Multimedia Flash CS3 Professional Prentice Hall Peachpit Press ISBN: 0-13-061872-1 ISBN: 978-0-321-50983-3 PREREQUISITES: Students MUST have all of the prerequisites (60-212, 60-254, 60-255 or 60-256, and 60-265 with C- or better grade). COURSE OBJECTIVES AND OVERVIEW: Multimedia is an emerging area of computing. This course is aimed to provide students with the necessary background in multimedia computing. Students will be exposed to essentials of multimedia components (i.e., audio, images, video, etc.), multimedia system concepts and authoring issues. COURSE PLAN: Course has several important components as described below: HANDS-ON / LAB WORK: There will be a lab every week and many of the lectures will be held in the Multimedia Lab (LT G125) to facilitate hands-on learning. In these sessions, students will be required to complete some necessary lab related / hands-on work. For the lab work, students will qualify for credit ONLY if they do their work in the lab during the allocated time. All of the lab work will be closed neighbor. Students are required to attend all of the lab sessions. There will be NO makeup lab. If you miss a lab, you will its point(s). Through out the term, there will be hands-on lab quizzes. Students will be REQUIRED to finish the necessary work in the allocated time to qualify for full credit for that hands-on quiz. Failure of successful completion will automatically result in 50 % reduction of the score in that lab/hands-on quiz whereas score in rest of the work will be assessed on the amount and
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