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syllabus(2008) - thermal explosions Week 8 Bromate-chemical...

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Syllabus for Chemistry: 59-545/445: Advanced Physical Chemistry: Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics Week 1 : Introduction to nonlinear dynamics: definition and examples of nonlinear systems Week 2 : Local stability analysis and applications Week 3 : Introduction to bifurcations and bifurcation analysis Week 4 : Maps and ordinary differential equations (The application of one-dimensional map in the analysis of nonlinear chemical dynamics, e.g. stability of the fixed point..… ) Week 5 : Complex oscillations and chemical chaos Week 6 : Autocatalysis in well-stirred open system (the isothermal CSTR) Week 7 : Experimental systems: solution phase reactions (such as Landolt reaction, experimental observations, interpretation of induction period in terms of rate-extent curve,
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Unformatted text preview: thermal explosions) Week 8 : Bromate-chemical oscillators(The Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, experimental observations in batch reactor, mechanistic interpretation - FKN scheme, Oregonator model, analysis based on phase plane and nullclines Week 9 : Design of new chemical oscillators (pH oscillator, enzyme oscillators, etc.) Week 10 : Chemical pattern formation (Travelling Wave Fronts, Waves in Excitable Systems: Week 11 : Turing pattern and spiral turbulence Week 12 : Reaction-diffusion equations Week 13 : Numerical simulations of chemical oscillations and wave formation....
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