Club IT, Part 1 - Running head: CLUB IT, PART 1 1 Club IT,...

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Running head: CLUB IT, PART 1 1 Club IT, Part 1 Darrell Dannelley XBIS/219 July 24, 2011 Dr. Shawn M. Rieder
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CLUB IT, PART 1 2 Club IT, Part 1 Club IT is a 6000 square foot club opened by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada that offers live music, DJ’s, dance space, and refreshments (John Wiley & Sons Inc.). Information regarding Club IT can easily be obtained from the organization’s website. Information like the club has recently been remolded, it is profitable, and perspective business. Club IT has several existing systems that are currently in use. Ruben and Lisa are both musicians that graduated with degrees in Business Administration in 2000. Ruben and Lisa both have knowledge about how to run a club business as well as the music environment in clubs because of their history of supporting themselves during collage working in club during college (John Wiley & Sons Inc.). The Club IT website states that after the remolding of the club, it now has an atmosphere of fun and liveliness. On nights the ambience of the club is provided by live music and DJs on different nights of the week. There is a large variety of popular music styles played in Club IT. Music styles such as hip-hop, techno, and electronica allows for a wide verity of club goers. The verity of music allows for a verity of people but tends to focus on modern younger generation. Club IT 6000 square feet area provides room for a 600 square foot dance floor. The club
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Club IT, Part 1 - Running head: CLUB IT, PART 1 1 Club IT,...

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